Traveling in Retirement We've always loved to travel.  Early in our lives, we started a "Travel Fund".  Every month, we'd put $200 into a special account, bank our vacation, and read travel magazines (pre internet) for location ideas.  We also got great ideas from traveling friends.  Everywhere was somewhere we…

Travel Gear

We were on the Milford Trek in New Zealand some years ago and it was pouring rain.  We decided to throw on our jackets and go for a walk.  While hiking, we ran into a German couple that was also doing the Milford Trek.  They just smiled and said, "No…

How To Save For Retirement

We've done OK in saving and investing for retirement.  We're trying to retire early but we're not extremely early.  I'm targeting 50ish and Jill is looking at 55ish.  Same retirement date, Jill is just a little older than me.  :)  (And no, retirement savings tip #1 is not to find…

Retirement Trekkers

People always worry about being bored in retirement.  We’ve all worked too hard to spend these years in boredom.  Whether it’s traveling, hiking a favorite trail, finding a great recipe, or just gardening at home, join us as we find things to do in retirement.  No way we’re spending a minute being bored!


My Microdiscectomy Story

It figures.  No sooner do I decide to retire when wham, back problems struck.  I’ve always been healthy but I have to admit that I’d let myself go.  Work, kids, life just got too busy and I stopped exercising.  I’m pretty sure this is what lead to my herniated disc and associated sciatica pain that […]

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Is It Time to Retire?

Yeah, it’s been the discussion at our house for the past few weeks (months, years) – Is is time to retire.  The moves in the stock market have added that “extra padding” that I was looking for and the stress of two working parents while raising a family is just the push Jill is looking […]

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Saving for Retirement

Let’s face it, saving for retirement is hard.  You just graduated from college, landed that first job, and now have a mountain of debt staring you in the face.  But given all that adversity, the first day on the first job is the best time to start saving for retirement. Nothing But Time If I […]

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Best Investment Advice Ever

My parents were great savers.  They were both frugal and only purchased what we needed.  We kept cars forever, didn’t go on vacations, and never bought name-brand clothes.  In the summertime though, my sister and I would get a treat.  Mom would let us pick out 1 box of sugared cereal each.  Mine was Trix, […]

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